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Ministry Beliefs and Values | Bio of OM ArtsLink's Founder and Director

G. Carson came away from college in '97 with a BFA degree in Painting and Sculpture under her arm, and a desire to use her artistic talents on the mission field. Much of her research for ways of incorporating an artist on the field, left her feeling disappointed and useless. Yet, it was one random email that arrived from an OM team in Austria which changed her life. 'G., we heard you are an artist...when can you come?'

She spent three and a half years in a Christian literature production department, designing book covers and illustrating for children's books for Eastern Europe. More than that God used her artistic flare to internationally train and equip young Christian artists to accept their individual and unique gift as a call. Her passion is to encourage young Christian artists to be initiators and give them the confidence to minister and build up the church through their unique artistic talents.

G. Carson has served with OM since 1999, and in recent years has been actively pursuing the development and promotion of this new Visual Arts Ministry, OM ArtsLink. She has a passion to see visual artists get involved in the Great Commission by creating an organization that will assist them in learning ways of serving the church and engaging the secular world.