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OM Artslink - Ashley HAshley H.
Ashley H, a dancer and painter from Florida, USA, has just returned from two years of service in Western Asia. She travelled with a performing arts team, sharing stories of God's transforming power and love through her dancing. She also held her own art exhibition, showing paintings that portray redemption through Christ.
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OM Artslink - EllenEllen Anderson
Ellen resides in England and after taking part in an outreach to Spain, she felt confirmed that God has specially gifted artists to share the good news and that there is a place for the arts in the church.
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OM Artslink - Rebekka LienRebekka Lien
Born in Hamburg, Germany, Rebekka Lien moved to Taipei, Taiwan when she was 5, then on to sunny Los Angeles at the age of 8. She is an artist of many sorts; musician, fashion designer, and writer. Currently, she is attending The Fashion Institute of Designing and Merchandising.
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OM Artslink - Aaron EllerbeeAaron Ellerbee
"What else can I say about the journey God's taken (and continues to take) me through? I was born in New York City and came to Boston the long way around: to New Jersey, through Japan, Switzerland, and Washington DC. My parents met Jesus during their teen and early adult years, and brought me and my sister us up in knowing the Him. "
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OM Artslink - India HarveyIndia Harvey
"Born and raised in a creative home north of Atlanta, GA (USA), my family and I are constantly trying to figure out how to serve God by doing what we love- making things. It always comes out of us a little differently, but when it happens- when creating something and pleasing our Lord Jesus becomes inseperable- it is a humbling and satisfiying thing. "
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OM Artslink - Shana BarefootShana Barefoot
Shana Barefoot, born and raised in South FL, currently resides in Atlanta, GA while studying for an M.A. degree in Arts Administration at the Savannah College of Art & Design. She hopes to create artwork that can stimulate meaningful dialogue about truth, reality and hope.
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