Small Team Does Big Things

Albania, Spring 2006
By Joan C. Thomson

A team of two artists from opposite ends of the United States came together in Albania for two weeks of (almost) non-stop ministry. Though small, the team accomplished many things as they worked with the OM Albania team and the local church.

During the first week, many of the activities dovetailed with the church's Resurrection Day activities including a Family Meeting for non-believing family of church members. Artslink team members shared their testimonies (one even illustrated her testimony with dry markers and performance art) and proclaimed the gospel even to some who had never heard.

In the afternoons and a morning, the team taught an art course to a wide group of budding artists aged 6-32 and from faith backgrounds ranging from Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox Christian and Muslim all at once. They covered a wide range of art principles as a platform to launch the telling of God's stories through examples of their art, connections to art principles, such as having God's perspective on life and through Biblical references. On the last day, parents were invited to see the student's art and exhorted to encourage their children in using God's gifts of art.

Along with their able apprentice from OM's Action Team (whom they happily mentored that week) and a little help from two pastors, the second week the team painted a mural for the church's kindergarten ministry. It was a real bonus and benefit to the outreach for the Lushnje pastor to be an artist! He invited every professional artist from the area to a Professional Artist's Gathering where the team members told more of God's stories through their art.

Though the team was small, God provided help and abundant opportunities. Never underestimate the power of even two when God and His people are involved.

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