Art With Mileage

OM ArtsLink - Western Asia Western Asia, Summer 2007
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Arriving with personal portfolios under arm, the group of artists began their time in Western Asia setting up an exhibition at a local university. Each artist exhibited his/her personal artwork, hoping to create ways to engage and conjure deeper conversation with those who attended the exhibition.

OM ArtsLink - Western Asia

Harmoniously incorporating visual art, film, dance and live music, this multi-talented group was able to create a multi-sensory arts experience. As relationships were begun and time seemed appropriate, the artists pointed people to a fellowship of believers meeting in the area. One man, a lonely widower with two grown children, received the invitation and bravely visited the church, hearing a message that seemed to fill him with a new spiritual curiosity and inspire a smile as he left the service.

Many long bus rides, transported this touring art group from the opening university exhibition to a variety of artistic opportunities awaiting in cities scattered throughout the country. While encountering culture, they explored new ways of creating art and sharing their faith. They visited churches and long-term workers throughout the country, seeking to encourage and support the work already begun in each region.

OM ArtsLink - Western Asia

Through uniquely incorporating art in the open air, the artists created opportunities for long-term workers to establish closer relationships with local people and organizations. As well, throughout their travels they worked on numerous requests for artwork that would enhance local ministry work such as newly designed logos, site specific murals, promotional films, text illustrations, web design, etc.

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