Leaving A Lasting Legacy

Ireland, Summer 2006
By Ruth Garvey Williams & G. Carson

Savannah College of Art & Design students traveled to Ireland to creatively support the on-going work of OM by using the arts to build relationships with local people and serve the community.

OM ArtsLink - Ireland

The first days were spent soaking up the region's rich history. This was done through observing landmarks, hearing the legends and stories firsthand, spending hours researching, and meeting local artists such as the Bogside Artists.

Among other projects, the art team painted murals for the side of a deserted factory building, ran workshops for children and young people with special needs and also hosted an art auction and exhibition. The artists worked from an open studio in the center of town, welcoming the general public to watch the mural progress and even join in.

OM ArtsLink - Ireland

The team was featured in the local paper 3 times during the 2 week stay and also was interviewed on a local radio station. The town mayor was delighted with the project. "I am immensely proud of what you have done," he told the group. "I think it is hugely important for young people to give back to communities and inspire other young people."

"Art is just one way we want to build bridges and be a blessing in this community," said Andrew with OM Ireland. "This is exactly what the team did. They have left behind a lasting legacy - not just the murals, but also their hard work, their positive attitudes and the kindness and love they demonstrated which were a tremendous testimony to everyone they met."

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