Much More Than A Cultural Exchange

North Africa, Summer 2006
Author Not Disclosed OM Artslink - North Africa

ARTSLINK came alongside believers in North Africa, using their creative talents for God's glory. A center for disabled kids became a hub of color and activity as a group of artists from Palm Beach Atlantic University in the U.S. created a full-room mural and led artistic workshops with the mothers. As paint brushes flew and fellowship filled the small space, the center came alive. While some of the group worked inside, others walked around the neighborhood, praying and sketching. All were invited at different times to visit a home, and many blessed their hosts with drawings, photos, and other very special gifts. The North African generosity and hospitality touched the whole team.

Likewise, the ARTSLINK team was able to bless a group of local believers in another town by giving intensive workshops in drawing and painting. many of the believers use their artistic skills designing souvenirs to supplement an often meager income. The groups enjoyed an especially close bond, knowing they share the same passion for their Creator and for creating.

OM Artslink - North Africa

Through art, this group was able to connect with other local artists. One young man in particular joined in painting the mural. Spending many hours with the team creating, singing, eating, and sharing. He was greatly encouraged to meet others who share his passion for art, and witnessing the team's giving spirit touched him profoundly.

The ARTSLINK team experienced much more than a cultural exchange. They shared their faith with people and captured a vision for the lost by seeing, touching, and speaking with them. The artists caught a glimpse of the endless opportunities for using the arts in real and practical ways.

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