Restoring Broken Jars

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Western Asia 2009 OM Artslink - Western Asia

The small town was full of abandoned houses. Old bricks, doors, and broken pots littered the sides of the streets. Upon arrival the artists began observing the people, spending time among them, and praying for an understanding of the culture. Every morning as they walked through town, they received invitations to enter homes and drink tea with locals. Over those cups, God began to teach these five artists from three different countries about the area he had brought them to.

Adjacent to the exhibition/work space was a pottery studio, where skilled potters often worked late into the night. Upon finding out that there was a group of visiting artists, two of them being potters, they immediately invited the group over for a cup of tea, which soon became a daily highlight. The hours spent with the potters and their families became some of the sweetest moments. Within their shop doors hospitality saw no limits, work was set aside to share their techniques and stories, to cook a meal, or to just drink tea.

In the words of one participating artist:

OM Artslink - Western Asia

"When paths cross it can be an enjoyable moment, but when hearts connect it's a whole different level of relating to one another - it becomes an enjoyable event. As we connected heart to heart on the communal grounds of various art forms we experienced the heart-warming hospitality of the people. Their biggest joy was to drop the work they were busy with to be able to treat us, to help us or to share their wisdom and techniques with us."

The artists were working toward creating and hosting an exhibition in an underground cave. Even though the exhibition was the goal they were working towards, it became quite apparent that much of their ministry would involve personal interaction with the artisans of the area. The group's prayer was that their creations would resonate with the very people they had built relationships with, speaking a message of restoration and redemption into their lives. Although each artist created very individual and unique pieces, the uniting theme of redemption was woven throughout the painting, sculpture, pottery, and installation.

OM Artslink - Western Asia

One member of the team commented, "Even if nobody comes to the art exhibition, the time spent with people was well worth the trip!"

Realizing that they could rely on the incredible hospitality of the locals, the group of artists found themselves being entertained by potters and their families into the wee hours of the night on a regular basis, securing a relational foundation upon which the Gospel was shared in word and deed.

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