"i Cristo Vive! = Jesus Lives!”

Spain, April 2009 account by an ArtsLink artist from England, sharing in her own words...

Being in southern Spain during the Easter week was both inspiring and challenging; how could we bring the hope and life of Jesus’ resurrection in a time that has historically been shrouded in such darkness in this country?

We had seen the processions from the Catholic churches around the city in the evenings. This was where statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus were brought out of the churches and paraded through the streets on floats, carried on by masked figures marching to the beat of a drum leading the funeral procession. With so much emphasis on the death of Jesus throughout the week, we were surprised to hear that there were few to no celebrations on Easter Day. One of the projects we did was to create a banner to celebrate the good news of Easter.


Throughout the week we ran workshops in drawing skills and mosaics for children and adults from the local church and neighbourhood. Some of the reoccurring themes that we received while praying throughout the week were freedom from idolatry, God’s redeeming love, new life, birds and trees. The trip ended with an Easter celebration lunch followed by a long walk on the beach.

For me personally, the 2 weeks were enriching and eye-opening to the world of Arts Ministry which is not very prevalent in the UK (yet!) It also confirmed to me that God has specially gifted artists to share the good news and that there is a place for the arts in the church. Art is life giving and a reflection of God, the greatest artist of all.

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