A New Path

Author A. Hilton
Western Asia 2010 OM Artslink - Western Asia - A New Path

The town itself had not changed, but the people had changed. Their lives seemed more broken and more difficult. They were still searching for something, but they still didn't know what or who and were not convinced of their deep need for Jesus. This summer a team of artists returned to the same small town in West Asia, the town of broken buildings, skilled potters, and wonderful hospitality. There were four artists with the goal to create work for an exhibition to be held the last three days of the outreach, while building new relationships and spending time with old friends in order to share the gospel. The outreach took place in the couple weeks leading up to Ramadan, casting a very heavy atmosphere over the small town. Two of the artists on this year's team had also been on last year's team and immediately began visiting old friends' studios and were quite delighted to see that no one had forgotten them. The artists passed time creating art, exchanging ideas, sharing meals and cups of tea with friends, meeting many new people, and praying for the town. One of the team member's arrived with the goal to produce a painting a day, which was accomplished by painting among the rock formations; he finished with nine completed pieces.

OM Artslink - Western Asia - A New Path

The theme of the exhibition, which included a Georgian artist living in the area, was the journey from despair to hope and was titled 'A New Path.' The exhibition ran for three days, the third day being the start of the month of Ramadan, which meant no one came. However, the opening night and following day about ninety people made their way into the exhibition. Each artist had written their own artist statement, which contained information about the artist, the work and the entire or part of the gospel. As people exited they were given a card containing Isaiah 64:8 and Colossians 1:15-20 and either the More the Dreams DVD or The Jesus Film. The cave had been set up to allow people to move through the exhibition into a room set up for socializing. Local workers and believers were present both nights and were able to meet people and make different connections with those who came.

OM Artslink - Western Asia - A New Path

God brought new relationships, deepened old ones, gave the visiting artists opportunities to openly explain what He had done in their lives, blessed them with hours to create art, pray, and study the Bible, allowed them to build upon work done the previous year, united them together, and gave many the opportunity to hear of His love for the first time. Please pray for the believers and workers; pray God will encourage and strengthen them as well as give them boldness to share the gospel. Pray for those who have heard and not believed and pray for those who have never heard. Pray that many will see the truth and freedom in Jesus Christ.

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