Creative Efforts Take Root

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Spain, 2010 OM Artslink - Western Asia - Creative Efforts Take Root

A group of visiting artists invested their time and creative efforts to help further the establishment of a new community arts center located in a highly populated immigrant area. These artists sought to create art, bless the city, raise awareness for the art center, and be a light to those they met.

OM Artslink - Western Asia - Creative Efforts Take Root

God used their efforts to develop deeper relationships in the community, through helping with a temporary art installation, a creative beach event, and an art exhibition held at the art center. Each artist used materials that had been thrown away, found on the street, or acquired very cheaply from second hand shops. The theme of "Art for Everyone" was reinforced as they truly transformed trash into treasure! On a deeper level, their artwork illustrated that as people, we, too have the need to be recycled and renewed with the ugly in our lives being transformed into beauty. Several of the artists had the opportunity to share while working in the studio or at the exhibition how they had been personally transformed by grace and love.

Relationships which originated through the outreach at the art center continue to deepen even after the team's departure. There are now locals who regularly stop by the arts center to chat, create, attend an art workshop or exhibition. Many more friends were made in the community through the creative efforts of these artists and their presence helped to raise the art center's profile which will make a difference for years to come.

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